Wichita Gladiator Dash frequently asked questions.

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  1. Can anyone do it?
    Yes! We’ve seen people at all levels of fitness participate and finish. It can be demanding, but you can go at your own pace. You must be 14+ to participate.
  2. Is the race timed?
    Yes, all racer will be timed by chip. If you’re really competitive, run first in the Elite Wave.
  3. Can you run as a team?
    Yes! Get your group together and help each other through 20+ obstacles. Coordinate with your team and sign up for the same wave when you register. Message us if you need help signing up your large group.
  4. Do you have to swim at this event?
    No. You will be put into several water/mud obstacles, but nothing should be more than approximately waist deep.
  5. Can you skip an obstacle?
    Yes, but we strongly encourage trying. If you can’t get through it, you can pass.
  6. What charities does the race support?
    100% of the proceeds go the Child Advocacy of Sedgwick County and other local organizations (to be announced).
  7. What does VIP get you?
    The VIP band is $20 and it gives you access to the Miller Light VIP Tent area, and gets you unlimited food and drinks for the day, beer included.
  8. What’s the Elite Wave?
    This wave runs first, so no other competitors will be in front of them. If you want to break records, this is your wave. The Elite registration includes the VIP pass and a custom Elite medal.
  9. Can spectators come?
    Yes! Bring friends to cheer you on. Spectators get in for free.
  10. How much is parking?
  11. What’s the after party like?
    Well… awesome. We’ll have beer, drinks and food for sale, or use your VIP ticket for unlimited food and drinks. You can hang out after your wave, or go home to clean up and come back for some fantastic ICT fun. The party goes until 11pm. Note this may be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  12. What is included with registration?
    All racers get a WGD t-shirt, commemorative dog tags. Elite Wave runners get some extras, see FAQ #11.
  13. Will there be a bag check?
    Yes, also free. We’ll secure everything, but we do not suggest you do not leave anything of high value in your bag (cash, wallets, phones, ect).